The 13 Campus Career Resources You’re Missing Out On

by Justin Swank

One of the most frequent mistakes college students make is waiting until senior year to seek out help from their campus career center. These offices are an invaluable resource throughout your undergraduate experience.

Here are just a few of the services most university career services provide:

1.Help deciding on a major.

Career Services staff can help you make a decision with information on the current job market and where recent grads are landing post-graduation.

2. Listings for on-campus employment opportunities and part-time job near you.

Looking to make a little extra money during the school year? This will help you out!

3. Alumni connections.

Some schools have alumni mentors to help you select the right courses and plan your career path.

4. Job search tools such as College Central Network.

This is a network beyond or; it lets you search opportunities open to graduates from your college.

5. Assistance finding an internship.

6. One-on-one career counseling and job search preparation.

7. Resources for writing and editing your resume and cover letters.

8. Mock interviews.

Practice as much as possible to show that you can back up your awesome resume by talking the talk.

9. Help setting up an effective LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has become a crucial job search tool. It lets you build your professional network, show off job skills, and keep up with industry news and colleagues.

10. Social media training.

Learn what pictures are appropriate to post before you post them! It saves you a lot of deleting and untagging when you’re looking for a job.

11. Graduate school search assistance.

Most career offices can also help you with your graduate school search and subsequent application process if you choose to further your education.

12. Career fairs and workshops.

13. On-campus interview opportunities with employers.

Connect with your college or university’s career center early and often to ensure you use all the services that are available to you!

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